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Servicing Blocked Drains in Wimborne Minster & CCTV Drain Surveys

For more than 20 years, the Canford Drains team have delivered premium drainage services to homes and businesses. Our drainage engineers have the equipment and experience to tackle any drainage problem you might encounter. We’re able to dislodge and break apart even the most stubborn of blocked drains in Wimborne to help you get your drains back on track. We’re also able to identify a range of other conditions thanks to undertaking CCTV drain surveys in Wimborne and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re looking for commercial or domestic drainage services, our team are here for you.

We can provide a 24/7, 365 days a year service. No matter when a drainage problem develops, call Canford Drains for an immediate, reliable service. For CCTV camera inspections, unblocking or drain repairs in Wimborne, get in touch today.

Reliable with over 25 years’ experience.
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Soakaway Replacement and Repairs in Wimborne

Soakaways are sturdy drainage systems that help to divert excess water away from your property. They can be very effective in preventing numerous drainage issues, including waterlogging, standing water and even flooding.

However, soakaways themselves can develop faults, which can lead to drainage concerns that escalate if left unchecked. If you’re based in the Wimborne area and are experiencing problems with your soakaway, Canford Drains is the company you should call.

Our highly skilled drainage engineers have provided prompt and cost-effective long-term solutions to all types of soakaway problems. We have served the Wimborne community for more than 25 years and our team is ready to attend to your soakaway emergency.

So, how do soakaways work? And, what problems can they develop?

In layperson’s terms, a soakaway is a series of holes that are dug into the ground and then covered with turf. Each holes filled with coarse stone and rubble. The tiny pockets within each hole that are free from any earth or soil allow the water to flow away from your property and back into the soil. 

Soakaways are susceptible to numerous issues such as blockages, damage from nearby overgrowing branches and stems and of course, long-term wear and tear. When any of these problems occur, your best option is to call one of Wimborne’s leading soakaway repair and replacement specialists.

Blockages are the most commonly occurring soakaway issue in Wimborne and are usually caused by silt, leaves, or other garden waste flowing into the soakaway. Our engineers may be able to clear such blockages and remove any buildup using a pressure washer. 

However, if this is not possible and the blockage or damage is too severe, we can instead excavate a new soakaway (or re-excavate the existing one, after tracing it). This will make sure that water is flowing away from your property correctly.

If you are based in Wimborne and having problems with your soakaway, don’t struggle needlessly. Give our experienced team a call on 01202 880202 today or fill out our Contact Form to arrange a free quotation.

We specialise in the clearing and unblocking of…

    • Blocked Drains

    • Blocked Toilets

    • Showers

    • Sinks 

    • Baths

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    • Removal of tree roots

    • Locating manholes

    • CCTV surveys and more

One of the most common reasons why homeowners and businesses find themselves with blocked drains in Wimborne is because unsuitable materials have been flushed down the toilet. An example of this is paper towels, sanitary products and baby wipes. These products do not break down like toilet paper does and can end up clogging up the drains. Likewise, if fat, grease or oil is poured down the sink, this can cause a blockage as they stick to the inside of the pipework and harden when cool. These buildups are often referred to as fatbergs.

Using drain jetting and rodding, we can make short work of your blocked drains. High pressure water is used to dislodge and clean the interior of the pipework whilst the drain rod can be used to help push through the blockage.

For effective, round-the-clock drain unblocking services, contact Canford Drains today.

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    If your emergency is out of office hours please call 01202 880202

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    Providing CCTV Drain Surveys in Wimborne

    When investigating drains to identify potential problems that may be hindering the performance of a drainage system, our team utilise drain survey equipment to get a closer look. The state-of-the-art equipment features a camera probe which is inserted into the drains whilst a member of our drainage team monitors what the camera captures. From this, we can observe and locate issues with the drains and assess what steps will be required for successful remedial work.

    Drain Surveys are useful for locating drainage damage in the system, such as cracked or collapsed pipework, as well as obstructions and blockages that could cause sewage to back up if not removed. Drain Surveys can also be used to check the condition and layout of the drains which is useful for homeowners and property developers who may be looking to extend or convert their property.

    When purchasing a property, it’s important that the drains are fully functioning and do not contain any hidden surprises that may require costly work later on, which is why we recommend to have a CCTV drain survey taken out on any property you are considering to purchase. Our drainage engineers can put your mind at ease and find out if the drains are in good condition or require maintenance.

    Canford Drains can deliver CCTV drain surveys in Wimborne and surrounding areas.


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    "Shower drain unblocked"


    Excellent job. Turned up on time, cleared the blockage and charged the agreed amount. Friendly person doing the work. Will definitely use again.

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    Couldn't of asked for better workmanship !

    Had a blocked sewer drain, gave them a call and in an hour Andy turned up, he got to it and sorted the problem, pressure washed the pipe and checked it was all flowing properly, all within 30 minutes. he was friendly and professional throughout and gave advice on how to prevent it reoccurring. Couldn't of asked for better workmanship, highly recommended and would use again

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    Urgent Work Required.

    All the office staff to whom we spoke were up-to-speed with our problem, practical and helpful. Gerry, the engineer, arrived in a timely fashion, and was friendly and courteous to both me and the neighbours to whose properties he needed access. He took trouble to remove his boots whenever he had to go in any of the houses, and worked hard, sensibly and tidily. I would recommend Canford Drains to anyone with a similar problem

    "Unblocked drain"

    Excellent service, good price. Geny was very helpful. Fixed with in one hour.

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      If your emergency is out of office hours please call 01202 880202




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